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cover sheets

In addition to the 'core business' Stucloper, Verbo BV is also a leading supplier and producer of pallet cover sheets. These sheets are made of the fruit juice packaging material, so 100% waterproof, which also have a dark gray extra PE lamination on 2 sides to camouflage the texts.

Easily protect all your products and pallets with the cover sheets for pallets from Verbo BV. These sheets protect your goods against moisture, dust and dirt. You only place the large cover sheet on top of your stacked pallets and you have the guarantee that the products will not be damaged or dirty during transport.


These sheets can also be used to place on the pallet itself against vermin, moisture and dirt. The cover sheets for pallets are available in the standard euro pallet and block pallet formats, but of course we also provide customization. We also have various other sizes or qualities, such as food-grade materials.

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